64 Bit Tablets 2015 – Dell Venue 11 Pro Review

Hello, folks! Today I will talk about 64 bit tablets available on the market today. Makers have actually been introducing Windows tablets and convertibles in the PC market for numerous years now. Since the rise of inexpensive tablets and smartphones, Windows-based systems have actually been on a slump. Previous Windows users now do the majority of their interaction and online jobs with a tablet or phone, and put purchasing a PC system on the back burner. This did put the Windows World under pressure; the gadgets needed to end up being more appealing.

64 Bit Tablet – Dell Venue Pro 11 Review

Dell makes use of the advanced Broadwell mobile innovation for its Venue 11 Pro 7000 Series. It asserts to please all requirements put on a little, portable Windows PC as a convenient 10.8-inch tablet with a weight of 720 grams (approx 1.59 pound). The bundle consisted of a tablet PC key-board, mobile variation, and Dell’s Venue 11 Pro. In this test we will certainly analyze whether it is warranted.

The top-of-the-range rivals (More: Best Tablet For Outdoors

The Design

The tablet device is made from a difficult plastic bezel, and the back includes a rubberized plate. It can be gotten rid of for upkeep, which is a huge benefit of Dell’s Venue line. For this, the screw under the SD slot flap has actually to be gotten rid of. The back can then be taken off thoroughly with a putty knife.

The tablet’s weight of 720 grams ( 1.59 pound) is not more than that of the other rivals. The rather bigger Microsoft weighs 810 grams (1.79 pound). Our Venue 11 Pro weighs 1.4 kilograms (3 pound) together with the travel dock consisting of a 2nd battery (683 grams;|1.5 pound). The Z10t-A2111 (1.4 kilograms – 3 pound) weighs simply as much, and HP’s Pro X2 410 G1 (1.6 kg – 3.5 pound) is the heaviest.

The Display

The rigidity is fairly excellent; the tablet can just be distorted with some force utilizing both hands. The quality makes a meaningful, strong impression in the hand. Just the finger prints on the shiny touchscreen frustrated us. Just the Z10t has a fingerprint-smudge-free zone with its anti-glare finishing.

The exact same top quality product is utilized for the tablet PC key-board, it can not fairly keep up with the tablet’s rigidity. The input gadget makes a strong impression on the desk, however not too much force must be utilized when keying on it. The key-board yields a little in the middle due to the cavity under the dock. When deformed with both hands, the building creaks and makes snapping audios. It is made from a base tray (rubberized, really slip-proof) and an aluminum upper side. The latter has actually been crinkled and polished on the edges for great appearances.


Storage Devices

The Sandisk X110 M. 2 with a gross capability of 128 GB has actually currently provided an excellent storage rating in the above System ratings. They are not the biggest consecutive read and compose rates in information, regardless of whether big or the tiniest blocks (e.g. 4 K read/write) are being checked out or composed. This ends up being clear in an overall rating of 648 points in AS SSD, which is 9 to 57 % less than Intel’s SSD 525, Samsung’s PM851 or Hynix’ HFS128G3MNM. HP’s Pro X2 410 G1, likewise with a Sandisk X110 (mSATA), accomplished much better rates.

System Performance

Will the great computing efficiency be continued in application efficiency? PCMark 7 and 8 record great ratings that once again resemble a Core i7-4619Y system. ¬†Even the EliteBook Revolve 810 G1 with a typical Haswell ULV is practically overtaken. The Revolve’s Computation rating is much lower than that of the Venue 11. The i5-3317U that computes 20 % much faster in the ThinkPad Helix appears more practical, although it does not gain in a greater total PCMark 7 rating.

Graphics Card

The HD Graphics 5300 (100 – 800 MHz) can clock even slower while idling than its HD 4200 precursor. Its ratings in the 3D standards are roughly 10 – 15 % much better than with the HD, for instance in the Z10t. The IGP proceeds a general really low level, which a Haswell HD 4400 (Surface Pro 3, Revolve 810) can simply exceed (~ 20 %).

Video Gaming Performance

Apart from browser video games and those from the Windows Store, video gaming is rather restricted to older video games like Risen Part 1 from 2009. Even this video game is at a lot of playable in medium information, which implies 1024×768 pixels. Efficiency has to do with 16 to 60 % over an HD 4200. The HD 5300 produces 5 to 25 % more frames.

Energy Consumption

The power usage is low in the classification contrast. There are distinctions with Haswell specifically while idling. Simply 2 Watts are eaten in minimum brightness. A Haswell-Y has actually never ever in the past been so thrifty. On the other hand, the load power usage has actually enhanced by 30 %. The convenient power supply recharges the tablet’s battery through micro-USB. The downside of this is the low charging existing and therefore long charging time of virtually 6 hours (tablet and dock battery).

The Conclusion


Excellent gets even much better? While Dell’s Venue 11 Pro 7130 (Haswell i5) was practically punished with a score of 78 % in the tablet sector, the Venue 11 Pro 7000 series 64bit tablet Broadwell upgrade (Core M-5Y10a) enjoys in more points. We checked it as a convertible along with its key-board dock, which our team believe does the 10.8-inch gadget most justice.

In the introduction we asked: Venue 11 Pro (7140) with travel key-board: Will the Broadwell tablet make a subnotebook unnecessary? This is in reality the case. We can reward the Venue 11 Pro with an impressive efficiency rating (compared to subnotebooks, Haswell tablets). The little tablet based upon the fanless Broadwell architecture gained in ratings that can typically take on the very best Haswell tablets from the current past. Dell has every possible device that moirais the Venue 11 Pro as the sole PC for daily deal with various key-boards, a tablet stand (supports 2 screens), and digitizer.

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