Back-To-School Tablet for Students – Asus MemoPad 10

Hello, folks! Today I will review a great tablet for students. This will be an awesome choice for the new school year. Make sure you watch all the great PhoneArena review videos, to make the right decision.


Back To School Tablet for Students – Asus MemoPad 10 Review



The Good About Asus Memopad 10:

  • Extra Smooth, Fast Navigation
  •  Video Playback
  •  Music Playback
  •  Games
  •  Good Browser Experience
  •  Long Battery Life
  •  Micro-USB Charging Port (Finally!).
  •  Intel Processor.
  •  Priced.
  •  Plenty of Case Options.

The Bad About Asus Memopad 10:

  •  Lots of Bloatware.
  •  Feels Cheap.

Total: The products may feel low-cost, however ASUS gets the remainder of the table experience right this time.



I think to obtain the remainder of the experience at this cost, ASUS needed to jeopardize on design products. The back housing of the ASUS MeMO Pad FHD 10 makes most netbooks seem like they were made from prime products by contrast. There’s no chance to sugar coat it. The MeMO Pad seems like a toy as compared to the brushed aluminum on the Transformer Pad Infinity. It is likewise not the thinnest or lightest tablet as compared to the similarity the Sony Xperia Z. However, this is where my gripes basically end with the MeMO Pad.

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The guidelines advised a minimum of 8 hours charging, and I dropped mine on the battery charger and left it over night. This is a little bit of a buzzkill for the enjoyment of a brand-new tablet, however it deserves it. You will certainly benefit in long-lasting battery efficiency over the life of the tablet. Besides that, ASUS has a simple to follow assisted procedure that even very first time users will certainly have the ability to follow without problem. There was a firmware upgrade readily available, and I installed it prior to continuing. From this point forward, I experience boot-up times of about 35-40 seconds. It’s not the fastest, however it is significantly much better than the Transformer Pad Infinity.


Video Playback

This is the punch line for a “Full HD” tablet? Well, ASUS did a fantastic task. I fed the MeMO Pad some eye sweet through Thor and Beowulf from Netflix. I have actually constantly believed that the throne space scene at the start of Thor stood out, and the colors were as rich as ever. Beowulf is a reasonably brand-new entrant on Netflix, however it came through in all its magnificence. Another Netflix enhancement remains in the real navigation of the app itself. Every other tablet I’ve made use of (Acer Iconia A100, ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity, and Sony Xperia Z) had bad, choppy navigation when scrolling through films. I am really happy to state that this is not the case on the MeMO Pad. Maybe it is the brand-new Intel chip that makes the distinction. This begins a pattern of efficiency over design.

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Music Playback

While it is absolutely larger than your phone (or devoted mp3 gamer), the target usage for the MeMO Pad is still with earphones. The speakers suffice for enjoying video or playing video games, however they do not have the bass needed to supply a pleasurable, well balanced music listening session. I made use of both my Monster Diesel Vektr (corded) and Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 (Bluetooth) earphones, and the experience is rather great. This will certainly get the task done if for some factor you do not currently have a gadget to play mp3s. The Play Music app is the default for regional music play, and both it and the Amazon MP3 apps can play from the cloud.


Call me traditional, however I enjoy pinball. I have actually been a fan of Zen Pinball considering that it began my Acer tablet a number of years back. The HD screen makes tables such as The Avengers pop aesthetically, however the gameplay was smoother than I have actually experienced on my other tablets. There was never ever a drawback or a jerk in the display screen. While this is far from the most challenging video game out there, I saw an unexpected enhancement over the Transformer Pad Infinity. The efficiency over design pattern continues.



I discussed this earlier about Netflix, however the smooth navigation rollovers into all elements of the MeMO Pad. Both the app tray and Chrome are smooth and snappy. In the past, I have actually constantly been a bit jealous of iPad owners since everything flowed so easily. This tablet is the very first Android providing that has actually carried out in the exact same postal code as the iPad. I have no idea ways to make up it with certainty, however I do understand that this is the very first tablet I’ve had with the brand-new Intel Clover Trail+ chip. Whatever the cause, it’s about time!

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The battery life on the MeMO Pad is as marketed. The very first charge lasted for 3 days of periodic usage. ASUS lastly went away from the exclusive charging port to micro-USB. It is so good not to need to fret about bring around my one and just battery charger for my tablet. It will certainly simply deal with the one myriad of micro-USB battery chargers I contend house, work, in the automobile, and so on. You may implicate me of burying the lead on this, however all this goodness comes at a significant discount rate over the Transformer Pad Infinity costs. The only thing the Infinity has more than the MeMO is the brushed aluminum case. (All apologies to the “Dock” owners, however that belongs predestined for failure from stress/wear and tear.).

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The list is quite short. I’ve currently pointed out the inexpensive feel of the back panel. The other thing that I do not such as prevails to the majority of tablets – great deals of bloatware. Maybe I am the outlier on this, however I simply cannot envision that users are munching at the bit to make use of the one off ASUS apps over things that are more usually offered. The only method to prevent them is to opt for a “pure Android” gadget from Google, and I think I cannot be too severe. Considering that Android 4.0, you can disable and conceal undesirable apps. I simply want the tablet and computer system makers would stop it.


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