Best Tablets for Kids 2015 and 2016

Hello, folks! Today I will talk about the gadgets for children 2016. Here you will find the best tablet for kids 2016, You will be surprised, when you will discover all of these 3 tablets great and well performing and will be an awesome tablet choice for your kid.

Best Tablet For Kids 2016 – New Tablet Reviews

Cheap Tablets For Kids 2016 – Asus Memo Pad 8

First off, ASUS has actually personalized the UI substantially (not forked, just customized). It actually looks great and I’ve got to say the keyboard is a lot much better if only since they’ve fit a lot more characters and options/punctuation on the first board without having to switch to alternates. Certainly loved that.

Since it’s 4.4, the remainder of the OS is mainly the exact same and runs the exact same as my Nexus 7 (which I updated to 4.4 from 4.3). Nevertheless, except for ASUS-specific apps the browser, mail and other core apps were defaulted to ASUS variations though you can always use the Google ones – there was an obvious quantity of lag at points making use of various apps. For example, I was playing Hay Day (do not evaluate me!) and app changing would delay a number of seconds sometimes. Other apps would frequently feel this method. My guess is it’s the lower RAM (1 versus 2) but it bothered me. I comprehend this device is much cheaper – specifically because my Nexus 7 is a 7″ and the equivalent MeMO Pad is $150 so the rate difference is relatively considerable. Remember, however, the MeMO Pad’s CPU is more powerful from exactly what bit research I’ve done. I never faced this sort of hiccup on the Nexus 7. It’s possible a little more down the line, the CPU distinctions may become more apparent but I didn’t observe it.

I do have to call out the included battery management app ASUS consisted of. I’m utilizing a third-party one on my Nexus 7 and it can make … fascinating options. The ASUS one seemed a lot smarter about power management. Truthfully, if I could purchase that app and run it on my Nexus 7, I think I would.

Also, speaking of games, an issue that appears to exist in both devices is heat. One corner can get blazing hot, most likely the CPU getting a workout. Not precisely a negative (you’re getting a very slim device with a strong CPU) but sometimes I worry the gadget is gon na ignite or something.

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Beyond the above, the gadget is otherwise pretty strong. I can’t state it blew me away or anything however that’s why I discussed the Nexus 7. When I got the Nexus 7, Technically I got a possibility to be blown away. This simply informs me ASUS can still construct excellent gadgets. I’m simply not exactly sure about the software application. I get that they’re aiming to get the gadget to stand apart however I ‘d rather they simply included that modified keyboard and left the remainder of the apps to Google and other service providers.

The Conclusion

Should you get this gadget? It truly depends on exactly what you’re trying to find in a gadget. You’re conserving a decent quantity of cash versus the Nexus 7 which can be vital. It’s operating on 4.4 so you can make use of the very same apps and that keyboard is fantastic for me. You’re getting a bigger screen which is nice as well (there is a 7″ MeMO Pad that’s $50 less so bear that in mind also). Personally, having used the two gadgets, I discover myself slanting to the Nexus 7. The additional memory/smoother experience combined with a somewhat thinner kind element satisfy me more. Plus, I choose the “default” Android style over the ASUS “flat” style, as nice as it is. If efficiency matters to you, you might wish to try the Google Nexus 7. If you desire the bigger screen (and broadened keyboard) along with the much better CPU while conserving the nexus versus some cash 7, you truly can’t go incorrect with this tablet for kids 2016.

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Cheap Tablet For Children 2016 – Lenovo Tab2 A8

I debated whether to purchase this model or its more expensive sibling the Lenovo S8-50, which has an Intel Atom processor, a 1920 x 1200 screen resolution and 2 GB of memory. I decided that this more recent model with Android 5.0 Lollipop and being $40 cheaper might be the one to get. I hope I’m proven right in the long run.

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The Lenovo Tab 2 A8-50 has a Mediatek MT-8161 processor and a Mali T-720 graphics chip. It sports 16GB of storage with 1GB of memory and has a screen resolution of 1280 x 800. The back video camera is 5 megapixels with no flash, while the front cam is 2 megapixels.

The tablet seems a well-crafted basic purpose type design and it fits the role well. I downloaded the Kindle Book app for it and attempted it out. The screen looks fairly sharp and it makes reading a pleasure. If you look at the Kindle Fire, it looks better than the Fire’s 1024×600 screen. I likewise loaded the Netflix app and the playback of any content was very smooth! My Time Warner TELEVISION app likewise played every TV station clearly and with no freeze-ups!


I’m very little of a player and I presume that any video game that would stress an iPad or a much higher-priced Samsung tablet is not going to play well. One very great feature of this design is the front-firing stereo speakers. The Amazon Music app made paying attention to both pop and classical music an extremely pleasurable experience. This tablet does not get very loud compared to state, the Kindle Fire 8.9 HDX 4th gen, however the sound is nicely-balanced by the adjustable Dolby software application app.


The Design

This design is a sound option if you are in the market for an economical Android tablet. Price-wise, it takes on Amazon’s HD 7 tablet. The Amazon Fire HD 7 model is a much better deal than the Lenovo, but just when it’s on sale. Otherwise, I believe that having that additional inch in screen size and access to the Google Play store, with its much larger app choice, makes the Lenovo a more engaging purchase.

Update: 08/01/2015 I’m going to award Lenovo a 5th star. They came through with an upgrade for the Tab 2 A8-50. The operating system is now Android 5.0.2 with software application develop A8-50F_S000024_150619_ROW. This update is about 35 MB in size and takes about 15 minutes to install itself. I simply really hope when the Android M operating system is released, Lenovo will certainly provide an upgrade to it!

You can get a case for the Tab 2 A8-50 Lenovo Tab 2 A8 Case – HOTCOOL Ultra Slim Lightweight SmartCover Stand Case For 2015 Released 8-Inch Lenovo TAB 2 A8-50 ZA030046US Tablet, Black which is a great, thin case that doesn’t add much bulk to the tablet along with screen protectors for it, Mr Shield For Lenovo Tab 2 A8 Tablet Premium Clear Screen Protector [3-PACK] with Lifetime Replacement Warranty These accessories ought to keep the Tab 2 A8-50 in excellent shape!

The Conclusion

I would generally give the Lenovo Tab 2 A8-50 5 stars considering its specifications, performance up until now, and the cost, however I’ll hold one back to see how well Lenovo supports it over the next few months.  Unfortunately, Lenovo never ever developed the Jelly Bean update for it, which came out about a month after I reviewed it. I’m still peeved about that!

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Cheap Tablet For Kid 2015 – Huawei MediaPad T1 8.0

I waited almost a month before composing my review of Huawei MediaPad T1 8.0, I wished to wait and make certain I wasn’t too soon extremely thrilled. I don’t understand why there are any negative testimonials at all. I check out all the reviews thoroughly before purchasing and gambled.

The Cons

There are just a couple of negatives I can think about up to now. Yes, it is big to carrying around as a phone, it is more of a tablet initially, phone second. It’s a tablet that enables you making calls. You will not be bring it in your pocket. So obviously I make use of a bluetooth ear piece, since I would appear like an idiot with the tablet as much as my ear. The speaker phone isn’t really very loud, but with a bluetooth, no problems.


The Camera

The video camera does not focus well for great photos. BUT it takes wonderful photos otherwise. Those are my only negatives to report- very minor. Otherwise this gadget is great! From the bundle, anybody can begin utilizing it immediately. Really user friendly, even for the technology challenged individual. Turn it on and follow the triggers and you are up and running. It allowed me to change my tablet and take this to go. I purchased books for my kindle so easily.

Tech Data

Lovely 8″ HD screen (1280 x800) allows 178 degree large seeing angles for an excellent motion picture enjoying or sharp reading experiences.
Opened 3G Android tablet turns on high speed downloads and web surfing. Make or take top quality call and get SMS or MMS texts on your tablet.
Ultra slim (.3 in) and less than a pound. The unibody design is made with airplane grade aluminum making it comfy to hold and gorgeous to take a look at.
Powered by a 1.2 GHz quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and a 4800 mAh battery for approximately 10 hours of video playback.
8GB of storage, 1 GB RAM and an expandable Micro SD card for keeping all your images, music, apps and films. 4G information supported. The right choice for your kid.

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Hope you enjoyed my review.

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