Samsung to reveal more powerful low-range smartphones

Samsung To Reveal More Powerful Budget-friendly Smartphones

It goes without saying that consumers know the difference between low-range smartphones and their premium counterparts. Low-range handsets tend to offer fewer technical specifications such as a low-resolution camera, poor processing power, and a very little memory. However, Samsung is ready to change the game by making budget-friendly smartphones more powerful.

In a report by The Korean Herald (TKH), the tech giant is planning to boost the functionalities of their budget-friendly smartphones by incorporating premium features to the devices. The article states that Samsung is working on extending the service of their Samsung Pay and fingerprint scanner to their other smartphones.

“Samsung is planning to deploy fingerprint sensors in budget smartphone models,” according to an industry expert interviewed by TKH.

What’s the difference?
Soon it will be difficult to distinguish low-range from premium smartphones, as they will be featuring the same high-end features.

Currently, if you compare the low- and even the mid-range smartphones from Samsung to its flagship devices, the former comes with a slew of basic features. Meanwhile, the premium handset comes with the company’s propriety features – Samsung Pay and a stylish metallic finish. You only have to look at the Galaxy S7, as featured by O2, that comes with a Dual Pixel 12-megapixel camera, larger memory slot (200GB), wireless and faster charging, the latest fingerprint sensor, it’s water-resistant, and has a new built-in cooling system. It’s very different from their mid-range handset that was recently released that has no wireless charging, no fingerprint sensor, and doesn’t support Samsung Pay. However, it won’t be long before we see a highly competitive affordable smartphone on the market.

Samsung Pay System

Samsung Securities analyst Hwang Min-Sung said that “the company has plans to equip nearly all of its handsets with Samsung Pay.” Initially, they were looking at releasing the first batch of low-range smartphones with their propriety mobile payment system by the first half of this year, but it didn’t happen.

While the idea seems definite, based on the official statements made by Samsung, there’s no specified time frame on when we can expect these powerful budget-friendly smartphones on the market.

Not the first
While Samsung is still working on the project, its biggest competitor has already made the idea a reality and released it to the public. Earlier this year, California-based tech firm Apple Inc. unveiled their budget-friendly smartphone. The iPhone SE, that features a smaller 4-inch body but with all the premium features one can find on their current flagship, the iPhone 6S. It has been praised by many industry experts for its ability to, “Change how we buy phones.”

Sony has also released a mid-range device that boasts a 23-megapixel camera that is close to the clear lenses of DSLRs.

In a report by Time, it mentioned that “There’s a huge market of people who have been demanding cheaper phones – and smaller phones too.”

What to expect?
Although Samsung is focusing their efforts on their low- and mid-range devices, it will not abandon its premium smartphones. While they offer high-end features on their other smartphones, they will start upgrading the other functionalities of their flagship devices. In fact changing the biometric sensor to the rumored iris scanner.

Samsung will continue to be a game changer by taking the lead in producing more powerful low-range smartphones, and we should expect other companies to follow suit.


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