Tablet For June 2015 – Quantum View Windows Tablet

Hello, folks! Today I will review the low budget, but great performing rare Windows 8.1 tablet and this tablet is Quantum View 10.1 inch Windows based tablet.

Tablet For June 2015 – Quantum View 10.1 Windows 8.1 Tablet

There are lots of tablets PCs on the marketplace today, and the majority of them are running either Android or iOS. The genuine computing power lies in Windows-based tablets.

While it’s real that a lot of any tablet will certainly work simply great if all you have to do is go to a web site or 2, send out e-mails. Play a basic video game or read Facebook. But  you truly require the power and versatility of a full-blown computer system if you prepare to do any genuine work.

If you’re searching for a real workhorse of a tablet at an excellent rate, I think you’ll discover that the Quantum View 10.1 inch Tablet and Keyboard with Windows 8.1 & Office 2013 is an exceptional choice. This outstanding gadget provides much of the power and capability of Microsoft’s Surface line of Windows tablets at less than half the expense.

Calculating Muscle

The folks at Quantum View handled to load a great deal of calculating muscle into this tablet, enabling it to run Windows 8.1 and Office 2013.

New Windows Tablets With Keyboard

When I eliminated the Quantum View 10.1 inch Windows Tablet from the box was how strong and durable it is, one of the very first things I discovered.

Unlike a lot of inexpensive Android tablets, this one is made to withstand heavy use. And thanks to the pre-installed Windows 8.1 os and Microsoft Office 2013 efficiency suite, you can start doing genuine work right away. This you can start after finishing the pain-free and brief setup procedure.

The Battery

Prior to doing anything else, I plugged the tablet into the wall battery charger and let the battery charge over night. Windows immediately introduced the setup regimen when I turned it on the next early morning. After making a couple of fast options, I discovered myself taking a look at a functional Windows 8.1 Start Screen. The whole procedure took all about 5 minutes.

After that preliminary startup/setup series, this tablet now totally boots to the Start Screen in about 10 seconds. Thanks to the super-fast internal flash storage. That’s much faster than any of my Android tablets!

The Keyboard

When connected, the key-board and trackpad make the Quantum Tablet a real pleasure to make use of. They both react rapidly and efficiently to the touch, without any noticeable hold-up whatsoever. And unlike Microsoft’s far more pricey Surface, the key-board and trackpad docking station is consisted of at no additional expense.

The cons


The only thing doing not have in this tablet is an optical drive, however that’s to be anticipated with any modern-day tablet PC. You can constantly connect a low-cost external USB optical drive to the tablet’s USB port. Of course, if you ever discover yourself in requirement of one.



The Conclusion

If you’re trying to find a Windows tablet that provides a lot of bang for the dollar. I do not think you’ll have the ability to beat this outstanding tablet from Quantum View. It’s effective, it consists of everything you have to come down to company, and it’s constructed to last.

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