Tablets 8 inch – Dragon Touch M8 Quad Core Google Android Tablet

Product Name:Dragon Touch DT-M8
Brand:Dragon Touch
Operating System:Android 4.4 KitKat
Screen Size:8"
CPU & RAM:1.3 GHz Quad Core, 1 GB SDRAM
Storage:16 GB
Cameras:2 MP Rear
Battery Life:8 hours
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Hello, folks, today I will look at one of the best low budget tablets 8 inch, that are available right now.

Tablets 8 inch – Dragon Touch M8 Quad Core Google Android Tablet

It’s good to look at. I’m a huge fan of plastic, and this is all that. Parts fit sung and tight, no rough edges. It feels durable and is exceptionally lightweight.The back is textured with a kindlying subtle pattern and looks good. It’s a bit slippery however, so I put it to stay clear of a slip or slide which it aspires to do. A cover might assist. The design is kindlying and practical and all controls and gain access to ports are where I like them. The power and volume buttons are in fact a little TOO simple to press, and would take advantage of a small recess like Lenovo and Fire have. A rubberized back would behave, however that would influence the kindlying rate.

Dragon Touch Tablets 8 inch The very first thing you observe is that the screen is dazzling and bright, and plenty HD for me. I do not discover any seeing angle concerns various from other gadgets I have. It might not be a retina display screen, however it’s close adequate to be kindlying in every method for me. I delight in reading my books on it, and it’s an eager partner. The lightweight truly assists right here. The touchscreen needs a specific touch however I have actually discovered exactly what it suches as. On the plus side, unintended presses take place less regularly than with comparable screens.

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The Quad-Core processor for this 8 inch tablet is capable and quick, specifically for this rate point. I’m delighted with it and observe no considerable lag unless I am running another app concurrently, where a little would be anticipated. No problems right here, just favorable.

Storage abounds. 16 GB plus 1GB ram is fairly good for this rate. And everything works perfectly, consisting of the 32GB SD card.

Apps consisted of work, didn’t get rid of any. No bloatware actually. In between the Play shop and Amazon Apps, I have all I require. If you desire, you can compose to the SD card. It asks you.

I check out a periodical understood for its image art and the colors are bright, dazzling, and well balanced. I see no seeing angle problems in this tablet that are uncommon. Its understandable even from an angle, not that I would wish to.

The Dragon Touch M8 Sound

Noise is not excellent. Weak, anemic volume plus a speaker that most likely goes back to my very first flipphone. Pretty bad years earlier, not to mention now. Earphones are very little better, as the quality of audio is simply … bad. Flat, no considerable bass. While it’s not excellent for music, I packed a power amp app I bought years back, and it works thin with music currently in my library, as well as enhances the balance and volume significantly. It does not assist streaming audio which is many of exactly what I listen to. Ehhh … it’s okay, however do not purchase it for audio. Bluetooth works fantastic and rates at this deal, however does not enhance the sound quality or volume.


Cams likewise are forgettable. Your pal will most likely acknowledge you on Skype, however will likely be more from hearing your voice than constructing out facial information. The front electronic camera is in fact much better than the back which is unusual. The back electronic camera has a flash, however it’s too weak to do any efficient all in a dark space. Outdoors is much better, however keep your pocket camera convenient.


WiFi is the forte right here, and why I was hoping it would work for me. It transfers and gets from a bad reception location in my house when none of the others will, and for this alone it deserves it to me, so it’s a keeper simply for that. It’s really strong, and no drop problems like with Lenovo, and the Fire simply does not reach well there either.

HDMI works well, as does Cast function. It accuseds of the micro-usb typical now to everybody, and has the battery charger and a micro to basic USB cord different from the battery charger cord.

Battery life is great, a little much better than I anticipated in fact. It likewise charges back up really rapidly. About 4 or 5 hours video and blended, and about 7 to 8 with light to moderate. The standby life is rather great.

Screen scratches extremely quickly. Get a protector.

Due to the fact that of its cost, I provide it 5 stars. Any greater cost point and I would state there are much better options to opt for.

Overall This 8 inch tabletDragon Touch M8 is great for any needs, like students, parents or business owners.

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Discover The Latest Discount For Dragon Touch DT-M8 8-Inch 16 GB Tablet

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